The Council was established by Kuwait University in 1986, to develop institutional scientific journals in diverse fields and specialization, modeled after internationally distinguished, well reputed and refereed journals, a task which is as critical as it is challenging. Kuwait University dedicates top priority to scientific research and the generation of scientific publications based on outstanding research results and accomplishments in basic and applied sciences and humanities. This process is critical for the sustenance of scientific advancement and for perpetual enrichment of knowledge that could cater to diverse interests and needs of the academia, experts, specialists and the wider community of researchers, scholars and scientific stalwarts.

Essentially, it is this scientific purpose and mission that has involved Kuwait University in laying the foundations of a whole range of scientific journals, and generation of edited and translated books. While maintaining a well-developed system of sponsoring faculty research in all specialties and disciplinary streams. The grant recipients are the faculty members, pursuing research in areas of designated priorities in basic, applied and humanities fields, through well-prepared proposals that undergo a standard process of evaluation and refereeing, leading to the award of grants. In addition, advance facilities for research implementation are also available, as also the provision of conferences and seminars, sabbatical leave, presentations and exhibitions, for wide ranging scientific involvement and exposure.

Kuwait University releases a large number of scientific journals that provide a critical platform for the researchers to have their scientific accomplishments published in major disciplines and scientific streams. Each of the journals is carefully evolved, has a well defined scope and a standard format based on established institutional publication policy. The journals are refereed, and provide a global window to Kuwait University scientific pursuits and accomplishments, offering wider opportunities for local and global community of researchers to publish their scientific findings in institutional scientific journals. Research contributions to our scientific journals are steadily growing with substantial volume of research flowing in from overseas contributors, significantly enhancing the global image and credibility of scientific journals released by Kuwait University. This development is particularly significant, considering that the researchers are well aware of several distinguished, world renowned and established journals. Enjoying wide international patronage, and striving to achieve that level of recognition and repute for our scientific publications through adherence to impeccable standards of evaluation, quality and originality in research publications that merit inclusion in our scientific journals. The result is clear and visible, as our scientific journals are gaining wider exposure, accreditation, and are reputed and highly rated, especially among the Arab universities. These factors have significantly enhanced the popularity of institutional scientific journals, setting distinct standards for scientific publications, particularly in Arabic language.

The domain of scientific publications falls within the purview of the Office of the Vice President for Research, who in addition to the responsibility of institutional scientific sector, also governs the Academic Publication Council. The Council releases ten scientific journals, while exploring possibilities of new journals in future as deemed necessary, and envisioning the possibilities of transforming the Council as the conceptual core of institutional future Publishing House on similar lines as international universities. Hopefully it will pave the way for greater autonomy in publishing Kuwait University journals, books, and research studies. While, the Academic Publication Council is decisively moving in that direction, the Council presently generates ten specialized journals (listed below), in addition to the publications of the Committee of Authorship, Translation and Publications.

Kuwait Journal of Science  (English)

Journal of Social Sciences

Journal of Gulf & Arabian Peninsula Studies

Journal of Law

Annals of Arts and Social Sciences

Arab Journal of Humanities

Journal of Sharia and Islamic Studies

Journal of Education

 Arab Journal of Administrative Sciences

  Journal of Engineering Research (English)

Authorship, Translation and Publication Committee

These journals constitute the University of Kuwait vital window for the scientific community worldwide as regards research developments in the State of Kuwait. Thus, contributing significantly to international scientific efforts and endeavors towards advancement and improving the quality of life. This mission is unending and would remain institutional top priority through challenging times ahead.