The aims of the council

The Academic Publication Council aims to accomplish the following objectives:

Inspiring and publishing innovative scientific research and books, created by the University of Kuwait faculty members and others in various fields of science and knowledge.

Strengthening the scientific and intellectual connection between University of Kuwait and other international universities and research institutions.

Providing the scientific community with an arbitrator committee for the research, studies, and books before publication.

Supplying a platform for independent academic exchange of views and criticism, and providing discussions to deal various issues to offer different solutions, through scientific symposium and discussion panels.

Linking the University of Kuwait with the rest of the community, by conducting research that deals mainly with common and important problem the community faces. By executing different research studies and publishing books to find appropriate solutions.

Broadening the base for culture and academic production, in order to create awareness of the importance of scientific research, and its result on the development of mankind.

Highlighting the active role the University of Kuwait plays in the enrichment of cultural advancement and intellectual knowledge.